Ans : The TechPro Accounting service is available to business owners, startup companies, and professionals.

Ans :
  • Startup and business owners who do not want to spend their valuable time on accounting & compliance.
  • Business owners, startups, and professionals who cannot afford a full-time accountant.
  • Business owners who are dissatisfied with their freelance accountant. Because freelance accountants are not completing accounting and compliance tasks on time.

Ans: We have been providing the following services.
  • Day-to-day online accounting with the help of TechPro Accounting software.
  • GST Compliance
  • TDS Return
  • Unaudited Balance Sheet
  • Income Tax return
  • A customized and special service for startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Company Incorporation and Registration under various acts

Ans: Yes

Ans: TechPro Accounting uses its own service software to provide Accounting & Compliances service to its customers.

Ans: TechPro Accounting offers a one-of-a-kind approach to accounting services. After scanning and uploading your day-to-day transactions into our service software, you can relax about all types of compliance

Ans: TechPro Accounting does not sell its software directly to customers. Those who are interested in Accounting & Compliance services, TechPro Accounting provides the service on payment of a monthly subscription basis. TechPro Accounting is a free service software for their customers.

Ans: The TechPro Accounting software is different from other accounting software available on the market.
  • TechPro does not sell its software directly to customers.
  • TechPro provides its software to its clients free of charge for those who wish to take accounting and compliance services on a monthly subscription-based basis.
  • TechPro provides accounting and compliance services to its customers through its user-friendly service software. Our customers only need to upload their day-to-day business documents and after that, no action is required on their part.

Ans: Through the service software of TechPro accounting, customers can access their data/books of account from anywhere in India and beyond.

Ans: Yes. TechPro Accounting has a founder with over 22 years of experience in accounting, auditing, and compliance, and a team of expert professionals. None of the team members have had confidentiality complaints in their professional lives, and confidentiality is considered crucial to their reputation as professionals. TechPro Accounting specializes in securing customer data and ensuring its confidentiality.

Ans: No, TechPro Accounting does not provide payroll service. Bookkeeping services have been provided through own service software.

Ans: TechPro Accounting provides accounting and compliance services to small businesses under different packages. For big businesses, TechPro Accounting offers customized services after consulting with the client.

Ans: The price of TechPro Accounting's services depends on the number of monthly business entries. The pricing of the package can be found on the TechPro Accounting website or by contacting customer service.

Ans: You can schedule a consultation with TechPro customer service. A free consultation will be scheduled by our customer care team.

Ans: No

Ans: No

Ans: Yes, but only in tally software

Ans: Yes

Ans: Yes

Ans: No
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